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C. elegans for the Masses

Eric D. Brenner, Antonio R. Herrera, Dave H. Fitch
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Useful methods for producing high quality cultures and movies for C. elegans teaching labs at large (and small) institutions.

RNAi lab with rol-6

Lynn Boyd
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For this experiment, you will be given worms with a dominant mutation in the
rol-6 gene. You will also be given some wild
type worms so that you can observe the normal movement pattern.
You will then use RNAi (also known as RNA interference) to knockdown
expression of the mutant rol-6 allele. What do you expect will happen to the worms
after the RNAi treatment?

Mutant Phenotype Analysis

Dominika Bienkowska

What is a wild type or a mutant? How do wild type and mutant develop similarly or differently? This module includes movies of wild type and 5 mutant C. elegans' early embryonic development. These movies are in DIC (Differential Interference Contrast) format with magnification about 100X.

C. elegans Structures: high (20X60) magnification

Josh Bembenek

Outline of male tail fan

Adult male, protruding

Same as previous, with different focal plane highlighted

At left: L3 male with slightly less developed tail. The animal on the right is L4 male with more developed tail.

Shows fan, hook

Male animal: Fan, hook, half of the body

Worm Breeding for Super Geniuses

David S. Fay et. al.

A guide to genetic mapping in C. elegans.

Dpy-5 lab

Lynn Boyd

Identification of dumpy worms; design of primers to amplify dpy-5 gene. Preparation of single worms for PCR, PCR reactions, gel electrophoresis.

Worm beta-gel lab

Lynn Boyd

Staining transgenic worms for ß-galactosidase. Also includes a list of supplies and solutions required for ß-galactosidase staining lab.

C. elegans Early Embryo Development

Tim Walston

This PowerPoint lecture describes C. elegans early embryo development. It also includes detailed description about C. elegans gastrulation.

Cell Lineage

Fong-Mei Lu

The embryonic cell lineage of C. elegans from zygote to hatched larva provides an excellent tool for learning fundamental principals in developmental biology.

RNAi protocols with solutions

Daryl Hurd

Lab for observing bacterial-mediated feeding RNAi. Also includes solutions for use with bacterial-mediated feeding RNAi (as well as other labs).

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