Focal Planes

Imagine this as an egg. Because it is 3 dimensional, it is difficult to penetrate and see its inside. Each white line represents a section (called a focal plane) through this egg. Focal planes aid in the observation of biology events inside the egg.This is a 3D image. This set of images is from one "time point". Thus, it is 3D instead of 4D. This C. elegans embryo image was generated using a computer program (VisBio). Each section represents a focal plane.

3D + Time Series

Time: 00:00:07

The beginning of the embryonic development. This is an one-cell embryo with maternal and paternal pro-nuclei at opposite ends of the embryo.

Time: 00:16:50

After about 16 minutes, this embryo develops into a two-cell embryo.

3D Movie

Compare to this 4D movie. See also information on changing focal planes.