Glossary beginning with E

embryosearch for term
The early developmental stage of an organism after fertilization and before hatching.
embryogenesissearch for term
Developmental process of an individual from a fertilized egg (zygote) to hatching.
eukaryotesearch for term
A class of organisms composed of one or more cells containing a membrane-enclosed nucleus and organelles. This class constitutes one of three distinct evolutionary lineages (eubacteria, eukaryotes & archaea) of modern-day organisms. Includes all organisms except viruses and prokaryotes (mostly bacteria). Synonyms: eukarya, eukaryotes, eukaryotic organisms
exonsearch for term
Any segment of an interrupted gene that is represented by the mature mRNA product. (Genes V, p.1241) Synonyms: exons
eyelashsearch for term
Human eyelashes are sometimes used in worm selection or cultivation as they can be more delicate for handling the worm than a traditional platinum wire pick (dog hair can be used as well). Eyelashes may also be used as a size reference.