Glossary beginning with G

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Physical and functional unit of heredity which carries information from one generation to the next. In molecular terms, it is the entire DNA sequence – including exons, introns, and noncoding transcription-control regions – necessary for production of a functional protein or RNA.
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The segment of DNA involved in producing a polypeptide chain. It includes regions preceding and following the coding region as well as intervening sequences (introns) between individual coding segments (exons). (Genes V, p.1242) Synonyms: genes
genomesearch for term
Total genetic information carried by a cell or organism.
genotypesearch for term
An organism's genetic makeup. Organisms with the same genotype may look or behave differently due to environmental differences (phenotypes).
genotypesearch for term
The genetic constitution of an organism, consisting of all the genes (coding, regulating and non-coding) Genes V, p.1243
green fluorescent proteinsearch for term
A naturally occurring fluorescent protein synthesized by the jellyfish Aequora Victoria. (Principles of Genetics, Snustad and Simmons - 2000) Synonyms: GFP