Glossary beginning with M

membranesearch for term
Permeability barrier surrounding cells or organelles and consists of a phospholipids bilayer, together with associated membrane proteins.
microtubulesearch for term
Long, cylindrical polymer composed of the protein tubulin. It is one of the three major classes of filaments in the cytoskeleton.
missense mutationsearch for term
In a DNA sequence, one nucleotide is substituted by another nucleotide, such as A substituted by C, resulting a protein sequence with one amino acid different from the original one.
mitotic spindlesearch for term
Array of microtubules and associated proteins that forms between the opposite poles of a eukaryotic cell during mitosis and serves to move the duplicated chromosomes apart. Synonyms: spindle
model organismsearch for term
Organisms used to closely study and elucidate our understanding of basic biological phenomena that might not be easily researched in advanced organisms. In general, they possess characteristics such as small size, short life span and ease of cultivation. Synonyms: model organisms
moltsearch for term
The process of growing a new cuticle and shedding the old one. This defines the transition from one larval stage to another or to adulthood. Synonyms: molts
mutagensearch for term
Increases the rate of mutation by inducing changes in DNA. (Genes V, p.1248) Synonyms: mutagens
mutantsearch for term
A cell microorganism that manifests new characteristics due to a change in its genetic material.
mutationsearch for term
Any change in the sequence of DNA. (Genes V, p.1248)