Glossary beginning with N

nematodesearch for term
Nematodes (or roundworms), are generally slender worms, circular in cross section. They are remarkably uniform in structure but vary a lot in size and way of life. Some live as parasites in other animals, some are parasites of plants, and some live free in soil, marine mud and decaying organic matter.
Nematode Growth Mediumsearch for term
A mix of chemicals specially formulated to be a comfortable environment for C. elegans.
nonsense mutationsearch for term
Any change in DNA that causes a (termination) codon to replace a codon representing an amino acid in the normal protein sequence. (Genes V, p.1248)
nucleisearch for term
The eukaryotic organelle containing DNA together with transcriptional machinery. DNA is organized into chromosomes. Prior to cell division chromosomes are replicated and then condense, at which time the nuclear membrane breaks down.