Background Resources

Background information such as what a cell lineage is, how a cell lineage can be mapped and how cells develop into different cell types. Includes short summaries and links to other websites.

  1. A Nobel Prize Winning Project: The completion of C. elegans cell lineage was awarded the Nobel Prize 2002 in Physiology or Medicine.
  2. About Cell Lineage: What is a cell lineage?
  3. First Determination: How was the C. elegans cell lineage determined?
  4. Embryo Development in 4D: What is meant by 3 dimension (3D) and 4 dimension (4D)? how does an embryo develop 4 dimensionally?
  5. Making 4D Movies: How can modern technologies assist the analysis of the C. elegans cell lineage?
  6. Cell Types in Body Plan: How do different cell types in C. elegans develop?
  7. Using WormBase to Find Cell Pedigree: A tutorial for using C. elegans cell pedigree information in the most comprehensive C. elegans research web site – WormBase.