4D Movie Recording


One of the most prevalent types of microscopy is optical sectioning microscopy (including phase, nomarski and confocal microscopy), where the researcher can make 4-dimensional recordings (3D + time) of their biological samples. A diagram of this type of system can be seen in the figure below.

Basic 4D Digital Microscopy Setup

    This is the basic hardware setup that the researcher used to make 4D movies.
  1. A video camera was mounted on a microscope.
  2. Then the video signal was sent to an in-line image processor for image enhancement.
  3. After that, the images were stored in a computer.

Image Credits:

1. DeVries, J.H., Thomas, C., White, J. (1996). Four-Dimensional Imaging: Computer Visualization of 3D Movements in Living Specimens. Science, 273, 603-607.