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WORMBASE Cell Pedigree
This is the Cell and Pedigree page. The "Red Arrow" indicates the Full Lineage of C. elegans. The "Orange Arrow" with + sign is where the full lineage can be expanded..


After A Few Expansions (Clicking)

You can expand the tree at any way you like. This is after clicking the + sign on P0, AB and P1′ .

Note: P1′ is what we referred as P1 in the "Concepts of Cell Types in Body Plan"



Individual Cell Report
EMS report

By clicking on the name of a cell, it brings you to the "individual cell report" page of this cell.

e.g. Try to click on EMS in the left hand side image, it brings you to the "Individual Cell Report" page for EMS

The report for EMS shows which group of cell it belongs to. Its predecessors and successors are also shown. A family tree is shown on the right hand side. Some other information like "Temporal information" showing when it appears, and its expression patterns as well.

Important to NOTE: As you navigate the cell pedigree, you might expect that two daughter cells from the same mother cell should appear at the same time. However, this is not necessarily the case. For example, in WORMBASE "C" appears at 67′ and "P3" appears at 76′. Please keep in mind that the temporal information provided is for your reference to know the approximate time that a cell appears.