The Study of Cell Biology

Summary: what types of questions in cell biology are being investigated using C. elegans? One example – cell polarity – is illustrated. Information on research laboratories, research tools and instructional materials is also provided.

Cell Biology Research Questions

Cell biologists study phenomena inside a cell. They ask questions such as: how do different cellular components interact with each other during cell division, how do microtubulesG (MTs) form, what molecules are MTs composed of and how do MTs catch and move chromosomes to the right place at the right time.

Here is a list of C. elegans cell biology research questions to get you to start thinking about research in cell biology.

Example Research

Cell PolarityG

More Cell Biology Research

A list of research labs that are investigating a variety of cell biological phenomenon using C. elegans.

Cell Biology Research:
Tools, Procedures & Methodologies

How are the questions solved? Commonly used tools, procedures and methodologies are listed here.

Instructional Materials

Here is a list of C. elegans Cell Biology instructional materials.


Cell Polarity: the uneven distribution of functional or structural components in a cell along an axis.

Microtubules: long, cylindrical polymer composed of the protein tubulin. It is one of the three major classes of filaments in the cytoskeleton.