Note: These questions are not intended to test your knowledge but rather to stimulate your curiosity and to help you understand the kinds of questions researchers are investigating.

Questions in Cell Biology

1) What is a cell?

2) How many cells do we have?

3) Do all cells look the same?

4) What does a cell do?

5) Do cells talk (communicate) with each other?

6) What are essential components in a cell?

7) How does one cell divide into two cells?

8) Does a cell always have two daughter cells (possible to have only 1, or have 3 or more)?

9) How does a cell know when to divide?

10) What controls cell division?

11) What are cellular components and where are they located?

12) How do cellular components interact with each other?

13) In what sequence do cellular components interact with each other?

14) Does the interaction sequence among cellular components matter during a cell division?

15) What are the functions of the different cellular components?

16) How, what and when are cellular components regulated inside a cell?