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Characterize A C. elegans:

A C. elegans Embryo Development
About this movie: A wild type C. elegans embryogenesis (from an embryo to a worm).
Observation: Please observe this movie and come up with your observations and questions for discussion.
Background Knowledge: Here is some background information to help you observe this movie.

(A flash movie, 11.7 MB)

Questions to Get You Thinking: Are the two daughter cells same or different sizes? Does the embryo grow while its cell number increases? Here are more questions to get you started.
Dimensions of this embryo: 55 (µm in width) X 30 (µm in height), Magnification: 1000X
Note: It takes approximately 14 hours for a C. elegans zygote to hatch. As you might notice in this movie, the recording time for the embryo development only up to around 10 hours. A few hours were skipped to make it easier for presentation.


Image Credits:

1. The crawling worm in the end of EmbryoHatch.swf (Bob Goldstein lab,08/24/03, http://www.bio.unc.edu/faculty/goldstein/lab/crawl.mov)