Cell Division and Polarity

Symmetric vs. Asymmetric Cell Division

The movie of asymmetric cell division shows an embryo development up to 2-cell stage to match the division stage in symmetric cell division. The same animation with development up to 4-cell stage is available (7.8 MB, movie length: 1’56”).

About these two cell divisions:

  1. Left – Symmetric cell division: This illustrates the proliferation of cells from one to two. It generates two same-size daughter cells that possess the same components and will develop into same cell type.
  2. Right – Asymmetric cell division (also known as determinative cell division): it yields two daughter cells with different developmental potentials. These two daughter cells might be different in size and shape and will develop into two different types of cells, e.g.: muscle and nerve cells.

Bioclips of Asymmetric and Symmetric Cell Division: Mitosis With Music

This section contains more advanced information. You may want to see the general information about cell polarity before playing the Flash movies below.

Symmetric Cell Division
(7.2 MB, movie length: 2′ 55″)

Cell Polarity & Asymmetric Cell Division
(4.4 MB, movie length: 3′)

CellDivision.mov3.34 MB
AniPolarity.mov4.79 MB
PolarityAll.mov7.76 MB
CellDivision.swf7.81 MB
polarity.swf4.27 MB