Cell Division Animations

Provided are two animations. The upper one illustrates common phenomena observed from one cell dividing into two cells. The lower one demonstrates early C. elegans embryo cell division. For more mitosis animations, see Cell Division and Polarity.

Mitosis: with common features and phenomena observed along this process. This animation depicts one cell dividing into two daughter cells. From the phenomenon observed below, you can try to characterize features and properties that make a successful cell division possible. There are many interesting phenomena like mictrotubules interacting with chromosomes and the cell membrane ingresses to generate two daughter cells.

C. elegans early embryo division: with phenomena observed. This is a Flash movie with various phenomena highlighted. You might want to compare the features and phenomena you identified and the phenomena highlighted here. You can also think about the biological indication for these various phenmena during the completion of cell division.

CellDivisionH.mov3.34 MB