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C. elegans Cell Lineage:

Construct a 4 Dimensional Embryonic Development
This is the same embryo as the one you just observed and lineaged. The lineaging has been completed up to 100-cell embryonic stage. You may find it interesting to constuct a 4D map for the embryonic development using the movies provided below.
* Click on the link to observe the development for individual focal plane with an example family tree of cells constructed (to 8-cell).

The Coding System: Dr. Sulston’s naming system was followed in lineaging this embryo. However, as the embryo divides, the dividing cells becoming smaller and the cells’ name becoming longer. Thus, it is difficult to put the whole name on the recorded embryo (especially for AB and MS series cells). Therefore, a number is used instead of a letter to indicate the location for AB and MS series cells.

Note: Only D series cells were recorded in black. Due to the recording imperfection, some of the AB cells were recorded in black with partial digit showed (like 57 in the upper right corner was recorded as 5 at Time Elapsed 02:28:40 in focal plane 3). Please only use the name recorded in red for AB series in the embryonic development.

Thought: What does the 4D map look like? At any time point, are cells in focal plane 1 also in focal plane 12 or other focal planes? Pick a cell (e.g.: AB) and pretend that you are that cell. How big are you, where are you and what will you become?

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