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C. elegans Cell Lineage

C. elegans Cell Lineage:

Summary: below is the opportunity for you to lineage the embryo development of C. elegans up to the 8-cell stage. More background information regarding C. elegans cell lineage can be found here. You might want to visit "Human Family Tree" to get you thinking about "lineage". Also, "Characterize a C. elegans" can help you make observations of the embryonic development.

I. Lineage an Embryo: You will have an opportunity to lineage the development of an embryo up to the 8-cell embryonic stage.

II. A Colored Embryo: A color coded embryo at the 8-cell stage provides you with the cell types information at this stage.

III. Construct a 4D Embryo: A lineaged embryo up to the 100-cell stage gives you the opportunity to observe and construct your own analysis of 4 dimensional embryonic development.