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Who we are:

Fong-mei (Sharon) Lu:
Ph. D student in Science Education-Curriculum & Instruction Department at UW-Madison.

Project Advisors:
Kevin Eliceiri
James Stewart
John White

Project Contributors:
Lynn Boyd at University of Alabama in Huntsville
Dominika Bienkowska: undergraduate student at LOCI lab
Kirsten Crossgrove at UW-Whitewater
David S. Fay at University of Wyoming
Phil Hartman/Misti Caudle at Texas Christian University
Daryl Hurd at St. John Fisher College
Wade Johnson
Kevin O’Connell at National Institute of Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases
Leanne Olds: Art work and splash screen image
David Rudel: Postdoctoral Fellow at Max-Planck-Institut Für Entwicklungsbiologie
Andy Spencer
Jayne Squirrell (Jayne’s web page) at John White lab, UW-Madison
Dan Starr at University of California – Davis
Jane Terpstra
: academic technology consultant at UW-Madison DOIT
Koen JC Verbrugghe (Koen’s web page) at John White lab, UW-Madison
Tim Walston at University of Wisconsin – Madison
Alan Wolf
(Alan’s web page): e-learning technology consultant at UW-Madison
Bill Wood at the University of Colorado – Boulder
Erich Zeiss: Microscopy specialist with LEEDS

White Lab

Our Partners:

John Jungck:
Jim Lissemore:


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Resources at this site can be freely used for education purposes.
For other uses, please write to Fong-mei Lu or Kevin Eliceiri.