summary: The specimen can be viewed live and internal structures can be visualized. It is used to generate 3-dimensional (3D) and 4D datasets.

A Differential Interference Contrast (DIC) C. elegans Image

This is a C. elegans embryoG at the 2-cell stage. The bigger cell at the left is AB cell and the smaller at the right is P1 cell. DIC imaging possesses certain advantages that will be explained in the bioclipsG below.

Bioclips of DIC Imaging

(Phase vs DIC, 50 KB, movie length: 10")

(Shear Axis in DIC Imaging, 140 KB, movie length: 46")

(DIC Optical Section, 2.5 MB, movie length: 37")

(4Dimensional DIC Imaging, 2 MB, movie length: 56")


Bioclip: a self-contained animations with in-depth presentation of biology concepts to help convey the research focus of a laboratory.

Embryo: the early developmental stage of an organism (C. elegans in this case) after fertilization and before hatching.