Genetics Instructional Materials for college




dpy-5 lab (70 KB ): Identification of dumpy worms; design of primers to amplify dpy-5 gene.
Worm PCR lab (10 KB ): Preparation of single worms for PCR, PCR reactions, gel electrophoresis.
~ by Lynn Boyd at University of Alabama in Huntsville

Worm beta-gal lab (190 KB ): Staining transgenic worms for ß-galactosidase.
Supplies needed for worm (10 KB ): Supplies and solutions for
ß-galactosidase staining lab.
~ by Lynn Boyd at University of Alabama in Huntsville

Inhibition of unc-22 function using dsRNA – student handout (19 KB ): dsRNAi by feeding lab for sophomore level genetics course using unc-22 gene. Handout provided to students (also includes instructions for online prelab).
Inhibition of unc-22 function using dsRNA – prep sheet (15 KB ): prep sheet for dsRNAi by feeding lab.
~ by Kirsten Crossgrove at University of Wisconsin – Whitewater

Worm breeding for super geniuses (): a guide to genetic mapping in C. elegans.
~ by David S. Fay et. al.

TCU Genetics lab manual (1.5 MB ): Genetics lab manual using C. elegans and E. coli.
~ by Phil Hartman/Misti Caudle at Texas Christian University

Laboratory in Genetics: Description & Introduction (13 KB & 11 KB ): This is a project-based laboratory activity. Students will be engaged in activities of "forward genetics" and "functional genomics" (utilizing RNAi). For detailed lab procedure, please contact Dr. E. Jane Hubbard at New York University.

RNAi protocols with tips (10 KB ): Bacterial-mediated feeding RNAi.
Lab 1 solutions (10 KB ): Solutions for bacterial-mediated feeding RNAi (as well as other labs).
~ by Daryl Hurd at St. John Fisher College

Worm Starter Kit (): The worm goes to school introduces this kit that includes basic information about manipulating C. elegans, microscopy and worm genetics.
~ by Institute of molecular and cell biology and national institute of education, Singapore.


Genotype v.s Phenotype module (hosted at LOCI): apply research resources including C. elegans movies, images, DNA, protein data to help students understand the relationship between genotype and phenotype.


Worm Educators:

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