Genotype vs. Phenotype – Background

General Characteristics of C. elegans
Lives in soil and can be found throughout the world.
Is non parasitic. Feeds on bacteria, or anything that fits into its mouth.
Adult Size
It is transparent and is about 1 mm in length.
Hermaphrodite and male
Hermaphrodites can self-fertilize or cross with males. However, hermaphrodites cannot fertilize another hermaphrodite. Males can only cross with hermaphrodites.
Reproduction Rate
From hermaphrodite X hermaphrodite: about 300 eggs. From hermaphrodites X males : more than 300 eggs.
Life Cycle
From Egg -> Embryo -> L1 (Larva1)-> L2 -> L3 -> L4 -> Adult Worm -> Egg takes about 3 days.
Life Span
About 3 weeks

Some Components in an Embryo

Cell with spindle highlighted

A cell with spindle highlighted

Spindle and two poles

(source: Gerald Harp, Cell Biology)