Genotype vs. Phenotype Module

Below you will see five different variations of embryogenesis of C. elegans in a movie format. While watching the movies, one interesting thing to try is to “characterize” all the embryos and see whether you can find any differences among the movies and what are the differences. You might have some questions about differences. If so, how might you answer your questions?

On the left-hand menu, “Background” provides information about C. elegans and annotations about these movies that will further help you to “characterize” these embryos. The rest of the categories in the menu provide more information on the five embryos. You might find them helpful in solving your questions.

WT (wild type, normal) embryo (14.8 MB)


Left: Mutant 1 embryo (4.9 MB) Right: Mutant 2 embryo (5.4 MB)


Left: Mutant 3 embryo (1.4 MB) Right: Mutant 4 embryo (3.8 MB)

wt_ori.mov14.78 MB
zyg1(oj7)_ori.mov4.89 MB
zyg1(b1c)_ori.mov5.41 MB
it4_ori.mov1.41 MB
zyg1(it37a)_ori.mov3.81 MB