summary: GFP permits the fluorescent tagging of proteins of interest which can be expressed in living organisms.

Green Fluorescent Protein(GFP)-Gene Construction


GFP is a protein found in Aequorea victoria, a bioluminescent jellyfish. In order to visualize your favorite protein you can attach this protein to your protein so that it will fluoresce. This is done by taking the DNA that encodes GFP and cloning it next to the gene that encodes your gene. This DNA is then added into your organism so that the organism makes the new fusion protein in the same way that it normally makes proteins.


Flash movie of GFP-Gene Construction:

GFP-Gene construct
(Flash movie, 2.3 MB, movie length: 35")


More about GFP & GFP-Gene construction:

GFP links for teachers: contains background information about GFP, GFP instructional information for teachers, and some GFP movies.


1. Jelly Fish movie in the GFP-gene construction flash movie: Dr. Hays Cummins, Miami University.