Human Family Tree

What does your family tree look like? What do other people’s family trees look like? An example family tree is provided to get you thinking about the idea of a family tree and the organization of a tree structure in general. Click the family tree to watch it grow.

Questions to Get You Thinking

  1. What is a human family tree?
  2. What does your family tree look like?
  3. What can you discover from your family tree?
  4. How is your family tree different or similar to other people’s family trees?
  5. Are you different, in terms of development, from your ancestors?

Draw your own family tree: You may find it interesting to draw your own family tree. You can try to start from your grandparents.

Cell pedigree: think about the development of C. elegans from one-cell embryo to an adult worm and the “growth” of your family tree. Is there any analogy between the worm development and family tree growth?

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