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Oct 01, 2007:

Click for new college developmental biology lecture materials.

Cell Polarity BioClip in the Science Magazine NetWatch

Oct 02, 2006:

New genetics teaching protocols are available here.

Lab protocols for teaching college genetics, developmental biology and cell biology are available under "For teachers: learning materials by fields of study".

Aug. 24, 2005:
The Fifteenth International C. elegans Meeting web site is now available.

June 06, 2005:
Worm Classroom is now online with materials primarily on Cell Division including animations and movies. We are actively seeking additional materials representing other areas of study in C. elegans.

Feb. 08, 2005:
Worm Classroom now features bioclips on microscopy techniques, polarity and cell division in C. elegans. Please visit Worm Classroom Bioclips.