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Questions to Get You Thinking:

C. elegansCell Lineage

1. What does the lineage (family tree) look like for each focal plane?

2. Does a cell always have the same neighbors and how important this might be in its development?

3. Why is the cell lineage/cell pattern of lineage the way it is?

4. Does a specific cell always appear at around the same time (or location) in every embryo?

5. Which of the daughter cells divides first?

6. Why are two daughter cells unequal size after cell division?

7. Why do the edges of the cells wiggle so much?

8. When is a cell’s fate determined?

9. How are different cell types generated?

10. How does a cell know where to divide or where to go?

11. Do all C. elegans‘ embryos divide and develop in a similar fashion? How important is it to have similar or different developmental patterns?

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