Real Movie vs. Animation

Movies on the top show a C. elegans embryo dividing from 1-cell to 4-cell stage. Their matching animations are on the bottom. Please note that the developmental timing of the real embryo (top) and the animation (bottom) does not match perfectly.

From a zygote to meeting pro-nuclei rotation

( 2.6 MB, movie length: 21″) (400 KB, movie length: 23″)


From meeting pro-nuclei rotation to the cell membrane pinching-in

(1.5 MB, movie length: 11″) (315 KB, movie length: 28 “)

From the cell membrane pinching-in to two-cell embryo

(3.4 MB, movie length: 28″) (355 MB, movie length: 17″)

From two-cell embryo to four-cell embryo

(3 MB, movie length: 27″) (620 KB, movie length: 21″)


Matching Real Embryogenesis (movie on the top): Haining Zhang, John White Lab.

oneR.mov2.51 MB
oneA.mov886.99 KB
twoR.mov1.41 MB
twoA.mov667 KB
threeR.mov3.31 MB
threeA.mov2.76 MB
fourR.mov2.89 MB
fourA.mov724.44 KB