Searching WormBase

  • The WormBase home page provides a quick search box, which is FIND => pick “Any Gene“, then type in zyg-1 in the search box.
  • Hit “search”
  • Then you will see Gene report for: zyg-1
  • Down a bit you will see “Corresponding Sequence(s): and “F59E12.2” on the right hand side. This is the cosmid containing the zyg-1 gene sequence.
  • click on “F59E12.2” link.
  • You will see a page “Sequence report for: F59E12.2”
  • Score down until mid way. You will see “Sequence” with unspliced, spliced DNA sequences and protein sequence of zyg-1 gene.
  • If interested, you can also experiment with some of the data shown on the web site.