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Characterize A C. elegans

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Characterize A C. elegans:

Tools and Helpful Information from WormBase

Tools: you might find tools such as ImageJ helpful in characterizing the embryo’s development in terms of changes in cell size and cell number etc.

The program, ImageJ is a cross-platform on-line tool. It can be used to measure the size of the embryo and can be downloaded here.

Examples and documentation of ImageJ can be found in the documentation section.

WORMBASE: some information from WOMBASE might help you characterize C. elegans embryogenesis too.

A brief introduction to navigate WORMBASE

Information such as when a cell appears can be found in "Individual Cell Report" in WORMBASE.

Important to NOTE: As you navigate the cell pedigree, you might expect that two daughter cells from the same mother cell should appear at the same time. However, this is not necessarily the case. For example, in WORMBASE "C" appears at 67′ and "P3" appears at 76′. Please keep in mind that the temporal information provided is for your reference to know the approximate time that a cell appears.

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