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"Introduction" states the goal and objectives of Worm Classroom including frequently asked questions.
About C. elegans
Why is C. elegans studied? This section illustrates the characteristics of C. elegans that make it an ideal model organism as well as the similarities between C. elegans and other organisms.
C. elegans Research
What questions are being studied using C. elegans and what are the research tools being used in pursuit of answers to these problems? C. elegans experimental methodology and practices are identified and explained in this section.
C. elegans People
Who is working with what? A select list of C. elegans researchers and educators can be found along with links to their representative web sites.
C. elegans Education

C. elegans is beginning to emerge as a powerful learning tool. This page illustrates the characteristics that make it a good model teaching organism and lists the results of a survey of currently used C. elegans curricula. Instructional materials developed using C. elegans research resources can be found here. WormClassroom glossary list can be found here as well.


Instructional Materials
The application of C. elegans research resources to education is categorized into four fields of study below.

Cell Biology

What is the study of cell biology, developmental biology, genetics or evolutionary biology? What questions are being pursued and how are they solved? Example research, sample research questions, research methodology, list of researchers and instructional materials are presented in these four areas of study.

For neuroscience: contribution is needed.

Developmental Biology
Evolutionary Biology


This news column is updated regularly to reflect new information and contributions to Worm Classroom. This section will also contain news from the worm community of interest educators.


A link to a feedback form is provided for you to contact us. Background on the authors and our partners can be found here too.

More Resources

More resoucres are provided in this page for titles in the menu bars, e.g.: one can find more resources about C. elegans in this page under the link "about C. elegans".


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Credits & References & Glossary

Credits, references and glossary for each page can be found in the bottom of that page. A capitalized superscript G after a terminology (e.g: mutant G) links to its glossary in the bottom of the page.