Olfactory chemotaxis and adaptation

Noelle L’Etoile
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Movies of 2X sped up C. elegans as they chemotax toward a point source of 10-2 benzaldehyde. The corresponding clip of worms after exposure to benzaldehyde (10-4) for 80 minutes in the absence of food. 

Serial Block Face Imaging of C. elegans with 3View

Joel Mancuso

Serial Block Face Imaging in the SEM, scans serial images of a resin embedded TEM like sample in the SEM.  By placing an ultramicrotome inside the chamber of a SEM, 50nm is removed from the surfaced, and the blockface is rescanned. This process is automated, and produces perfectly aligned serial images. This data set contains approximately 300 serial images that were acquired in 5 hours. Sample courtesy of Shigeki Watanabe, University of Utah.

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