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CEpink C. elegans pink diagram (Science, vol 282, cover image)


WFPLifeCycle Life cycle of Wisconsin Fast Plants (Wisconsin Fast Plant, 2004, Retrieved 12/13/04, From http://fastplants.org/resources/life_cycle.html)

E. coli cartoon

E. coli cartoon

E. coli cartoon (Genes V, Benjamin Lewin)

C. elegans mutants

C. elegans mutants

a. normal, b. dumpy, c. small, d. long

Genome sequence

Genome sequence Completion of genome (Science, 1998, vol 282, 2011)

C. elegans cell lineage

C. elegans cell lineage

The complete C. elegans cell lineage from top down. It is possible to know which cell is derived from which. The rapid early division are embryonic. (Image from WormAtlas; click the image to enlarge or right-click here and choose Save Link As… to download)

Dr. John Sulston

Dr. John Sulston Photo credit: The Sanger Centre, retrieved 12/10/2004 from http://www.sanger.ac.uk/Users/jes/

Dr. Sydney Brenner

Dr. Sydney Brenner Photo credit: Leon Avery, retrieved 12/10/2004 from http://elegans.swmed.edu/Sydney.html
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