9-12 (High School)

Malthus Under a Microscope

Melinda M. Mueller

Mueller, M. (2007). Malthus Under a Microscope: Using the soil nematode Caenorhabditis elegans to test Darwin’s premises about populations. The American Biology Teacher, 69(4), 219-225.

Students cultivated C. elegans, measured C. elegans population over time to gain deeper understanding of Darwin’s premises about populations, such as natural selection.

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Dice & Slice

Brian Kahn

A 6-day hands-on inquiry unit. Activities include C. elegans phenotype observation, worm transfer, RNA interference, PCR and DNA electrophoresis. In addition, students have the opportunity to apply online tool BLAST to find out the gene sequence of the dsRNA underlying the interference of RNA (RNAi).

Using Digital Microscopy

Madelaine Travaille and Sandra D. Adams

Travaille, M. & Adams, S. (2006). Using digital microscopy. The Science Teacher. 73(4), 50-54.

In this article, video digital microscopy was used that allowed students to capture images of C. elegans [both time-laped and still] to study animal behavior and development.

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