Laboratory in Genetics

Dr. E. Jane Hubbard

This is a project-based laboratory activity. Students will be engaged in activities of “forward genetics” and “functional genomics” (utilizing RNAi). For detailed lab procedure, please contact Dr. jhubbard [at] saturn [dot] med [dot] nyu [dot] edu (E. Jane Hubbard) at New York University.

TCU genetics lab manual

Phil Hartman and Misti Caudle

Genetics lab manual using C. elegans and E. coli.

Inhibition of unc-22 function using dsRNA

Kirsten Crossgrove

DsRNAi by feeding lab for sophomore level genetics course using unc-22 gene. Handout provided to students (also includes instructions for online prelab). Includes prep sheet for dsRNAi by feeding lab.

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